Organic urban gardens & BackYard Farms

Learn to grow your own produce with a little help from an expert!


Starting your backyard farm

Nate will work directly with you to create an organic, drought tolerant and high yielding backyard urban farm..

During the first visit, he will:

-Assess the suitability of prospective garden site

-Determine the best crops to cultivate taking into account sun exposure and grower skill level.

-Discuss irrigation options.


Crop Maintenance

After installation is complete the real fun begins!

Nate is available to support you at all stages of the growth process.


-Pest Management

-Nutrient Adjustments

-Irrigation Issues

-Crop Rotations

-Pruning & Trelising


Grow with Nate

Don’t know how to keep the house plants alive? That’s ok! Work side by side with Nate in the comfort of your own backyard.

Private Lesson Packages:

Seedling Package - $265.00

4 Hands-On Private Lessons

-Introduction to organic growing at home

-Nutrients, learning to read the leaves

-Introduction to pest management

-Introduction to crop management

Blooming Package - $375.00

6 Hands-On Private Lessons


-Crop Planning & Planting Density

-Trimming, Trellising & Training

-Integrative Pest Management

-Harvesting Techniques & Timing

-Sanitation & Best Practices

*Custom lesson packages available